Dean's Message

While tourism movements are growing in the world and in our country, types of tourism are being diversified as well day by day depending on increase in welfare level of societies. Increase in disposable income, acculturation, development of communication technologies, students exchange programs and the desire to learn a language prove that people will be more involved in different types of tourism, and new tourism types will emerge in the near future.  In this direction, Turkey, which has raised the tourism bar at a very high level, aims at 60 million tourists and 50 billion tourism receipts annually as of 2020.

The aim of the tourism colleges all around the world is to provide students with various qualifications in order to meet the needs of the dynamic and ever-growing tourism sector. In Turkey, basis of tourism education dates back to 1960s, and now it is carried out by faculties composed of different departments as a result of sectoral changes and developments occurring in recent times. The importance of tourism education in the academic field has become more prominent especially after 2000, a period in which some significant progresses achieved in tourism. New technologies and the diversity of services to be offered forces sector employees and managers to be more qualified. In this direction, the Tourism Faculty of Aksaray University was founded in May 2013 based on the needs of the sector, and with the aim of raising individuals who have self-confidence, who are inquisitive and entrepreneurial.

Our Faculty, including departments of Tourism Management; Recreation Management; Gastronomy and Culinary Arts; and Travel Management and Tourism Guidance, has started to student admission firstly for the Tourism Management Department in the academic year of 2014-2015. During the academic years of 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, the quotas have been completely filled, and our faculty entered the education period with a new enthusiasm. Our faculty, which completed its academic and administrative structure in a short period, provides a holistic atmosphere by including physical facilities, infrastructure and the amenities of Aksaray province. Our prior aim is to provide an education which will make our youngsters, who will be professionals in tourism, serve our country and the humanity.

We invite our youngsters to live and share this excitement with us.

Prof. İbrahim Bakırtaş

Dean of Tourism Faculty